Dec. 08/20 COVID-19 Virus Update

Our offices are will continue to be open from Mondays through Thursdays. I will be taking In Office and Online zoom or facetime appointments. Our InOffice Counselling rates are at regular rates and the Online zoom or facetime sessions will be lower in price. These rates will be posted on our website and book online calendar.

We are doing our best to work with Health Regulations of Edmonton, Alberta. Because of this, these conditions will apply:

1. As soon as you book online or book your appointment through our office, an intake form will be sent to you through our encrypted email @ Please read, fill and electronically sign the client intake and consent form and send it back to us. This intake consent form must be received by New Start Counselling within 24 hours of the session.

2. Our waiting room will not be available to wait in. You will need to call and let the business manager know that you are here, and when the office has been cleaned and the other clients have left, we will let you into the building to come for your session. Our session room will have more than 6 ft. between therapist and client. Masks will need to be worn during the session.

3. Please bring your own journal and pen to take session notes.
If you have booked a 75minute session, there will be no extra time available. We will need to stop there and pick up in our next session. We need to prepare adequately for the next clients. More time can be available if you pre-book the longer session by phone.
Thank you for using our services. Here at New Start Counselling we are continuing to focus on providing you the best counselling services experience possible.

Dr. Ottawa Easingwood   PH. 780-991-5117