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Separation and Divorce

Separation and Divorce

Dr. Ottawa Easingwood, PhD,
Marriage, Couples Relationship & Family Therapist

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Facing the prospect of separation or divorce?

Even when your relationship feels broken, unrepairable and beyond hope, you should know there’s often a good chance you can avoid the worst and make your situation better. Maybe even much better.

One thing is certain, however, when faced with the looming prospect of separation or divorce, doing nothing is almost NEVER a good choice.­

Unfortunately, many couples experiencing such challenges get overwhelmed by where to start. Both may be trying to avoid getting to the “point of no return” in their relationship, but then find themselves stuck in the same pattern of hurtful things said to each other along with repeated avoidance and repeated conflicts. This takes them closer and closer to what they DON’T want.

If you find yourself in this situation, what’s needed is to stop the drift and to take action to break out of the unconstructive patterns.

Couples Counselling can offer a safe, secure environment where you can

  • Take a step back and approach things differently,
  • Break things down so those overwhelming issues become more manageable
  • Navigate through the concerns to identify what could be agreed upon and could actually work for the both of you,
  • Face the things you know you need to work on so that the relationship can move forward. We don’t always get to deal with what we want to deal with, however avoiding and not addressing those areas of concern brings us to where we are now

The prospect of separation or divorce is daunting, but it doesn’t have to be inevitable. Changing direction can start with a simple phone call for counselling assistance.

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75-minutes or 90-minutes
For couples counselling sessions. Gives immediate impact ASAP. These are the Best choices for coming as a couple and we are able to intervene in the crisis. Mediate the things that can be agreed upon. Face the things that need to be worked on. Couples may book their own individual sessions prior to joint therapy During couples therapy, individual sessions may be recommended. After each session, either a recap of the session or homework or resources or all will be given.
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