“Counselling helped us to both find our voices. It gave us tools to communicate”

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Communication Through The Differences

Communication Through The Differences

Dr. Ottawa Easingwood, PhD,
Marriage, Couples Relationship & Family Therapist

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  • 25+ Years of Counselling Experience

Couples Counselling

If communication with your partner has become difficult, or even non-existent, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed and frustrated. Especially when
you find yourself “stuck” in the same old patterns while seeing no resolution in sight. A situation that can easily compound itself if you and your partner
find yourselves at an impasse over some underlying issue.

When this happens, resentment, anger, hurt and loss can deepen, along with a sense of disconnection and feeling misunderstood. The longer the concerns sit unaddressed, the more difficult the relationship becomes.

Caring, confidential, couples counselling can help you break out of this unproductive communication pattern between you and your partner. Counselling can help you to shift these patterns that keep you from finding true affection, closeness and intimacy, and face the issues you need to face together.

Even if you or your partner have said or done hurtful things to each other you may believe that your situation won’t change or it may feel hopeless.

At New Start Counselling we are here to tell you that change is possible. Along with a better, more fulfilling, happier and meaningful relationship.

Couples counselling can help you…

  • Find a starting place where conversation can again happen.
  • Establish positive communication patterns and communicate together with greater clarity, honesty and authenticity.
  • Understand what you really want and need from your relationship
  • Put closure to the things of the past, forgive and allow the relationship to grow into something new
  • Negotiate and work through disagreements or differences to turn disagreements into opportunities of shared understanding.
  • Start to once again feel invested and committed with your partner.

Sessions For Couples

Edmonton InOffice Only.
75-minutes or 90-minutes

Any Couples Online – Special Online Rates
75-minutes or 90 minutes
For couples counselling sessions. Gives immediate impact ASAP. These are the Best choices for coming as a couple and we are able to intervene in the crisis. Mediate the things that can be agreed upon. Face the things that need to be worked on. Couples may book their own individual sessions prior to joint therapy During couples therapy, individual sessions may be recommended. After each session, either a recap of the session or homework or resources or all will be given.
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