“We were almost at the point of separating. We are very happy & have a beautiful family.”

K.H., Edmonton

Extended and Intensive Sessions

Longer Sessions, Or Day Sessions

Extended and Intensive Sessions

Longer Sessions, Or Day Sessions

Dr. Ottawa Easingwood, PhD,
Marriage, Couples Relationship & Family Therapist

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  • 25+ Years of Counselling Experience

Get More Complete Focused Attention On Your Relationship

Extended and Intensive sessions help us to put aside all of life’s distractions so that we can focus our complete attention on the relationship and its well-being.

These sessions best suit couples who:

  • Are travelling from long distances
  • People who work away from home and only have a designated time to work on things
  • Who are working through a relationship crisis
  • Who want to jump-start their progress
  • Who enjoy being able to relax in a longer session format

1. Extended Therapy Sessions (2+ hours)

These extended longer therapy sessions can involve two or more hours on a single day or on multiple days. Once you have completed at least one extended session, future sessions can be a standard 75 minute to 90 minute duration or you may continue these extended sessions until the situation is fully resolved.

These longer sessions must be booked by phone. Please Call to book your extended session, 780-991-5117 and watch your relationship transform.

2. Intensive Sessions (1 to 1.5 days or more intensive program)

These sessions can be from 1 to 1.5 days in length. Usually starting on a Friday night (2.5 hours) and all of Saturday (5 hours in total – 2.5 hours in the morning and 2.5 hours in the afternoon).

A specific treatment plan will be formulated in consultation with each partner. In addition to the specific issues that each couple wants to address, there are gains in this form of therapy. Couples will immediately experience improved emotional connections, be able to communicate more clearly with each other, foster respect and affection.

This groundwork will help to keep conflicted discussions calm and assist in breaking through and resolving gridlock situations as well as strengthen and maintain the gains that you have made. Even though couple may not always be on the same page with goals, hopes and aspirations, they will succeed in reaching resolutions that they both can live with and work with.

This intensive longer program may not be suitable if:

  • When there is an ongoing affair
  • Where there are current issues of domestic violence
  • If there is a serious drug or alcohol addiction
  • If there is an unmanaged serious mental health illness

In these cases the 75 minute standard couple session or an individual 50 minute session may be more beneficial to address these concerns.

These Couples/Relationship Intensive Sessions must be booked by phone and are very limited to specific times arranged by you and the office. Contact the office by phone 780-991-5117 or email us, info@newstartcounsellingservices.com to find out more about the sessions and whether or not you and your partner will benefit from these intensive sessions.

Please have any questions ready that you and your partner have in regards to this session and also make payment arrangements for these longer intensive sessions.

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