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Is Couples Counselling For Us?

If your marriage or relationship has become a struggle, or you’re concerned it could be taking a turn for the worse and aren’t sure what to do about it, couples counselling is your best option. Every relationship has its ups and downs. But when it feels like the problems are overwhelming– or when your own personal boundaries or the relationship itself seems at risk — caring, confidential counselling can make all the difference. Each couple has their own reasons and their own circumstances for considering relationship counselling…

  • To Improve Communication – We need help communicating. Our overreaction is not acceptable.  Can we learn to fight in a way that isn’t destructive to ourselves and our relationship?
  • “I No Longer Love my Partner” – We’re just friends, not lovers. Can we fall in love again?
  • To Move Past, and Recover from the Affair, the Infidelity, the One Night Stand– Is it possible to start again? Is it possible to get over the pain? Can we make it past the fear that it will happen again?
  • To Resolve The Issues – The same issues keep coming back. Is it possible to get past them?
  • Sexual & Emotional Intimacy – There is very little physical intimacy and I feel emotionally disconnected from my spouse. Can I have a more intimate relationship with my spouse?
  • Deciding: “Should We Separate?” – Is a last ditch effort to save our relationship possible?
  • To End the Stress And Anxiety – This is all so draining. And lately, it seems like every little thing gets under my skin as a result.  How do I get my old self back?

Allow Us to Help You Make a New Start for Your Relationship Through Counselling

Whatever your circumstances, there is no need to struggle on your own. Our office is in Edmonton, and we serve couples from Edmonton and the surrounding area. You can get started with a phone call to our office at 780-991-5117 and get your questions answered or make an appointment. Skype or Phone counselling available. Phone to book your session.

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Facing Separation

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