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Take charge of your life and improve your situation with caring, effective, and confidential relationship & marriage counselling.

Improve Communication
The same fights keep coming up. Stop the conflict and deal with the anger.
Emotional & Physical Intimacy
I feel emotionally disconnected. “Learn to re-connect emotionally and physically & fall in love again”.
Avoid a Separation or Divorce
Is a last ditch effort worth it? "Every effort to save a relationship is worthwhile".

Is Couples Counselling For Us?

If your marriage or relationship has become a struggle, or you’re concerned it could be taking a turn for the worse and aren’t sure what to do about it, couples counselling is your best option. Every relationship has its ups and downs. But when it feels like the problems are overwhelming – or when your own personal boundaries or the relationship itself seems at risk – caring, confidential counselling can make all the difference.

Dr Ottawa PhD Relationship Expert

  • On facing and overcoming relationship challenges.
  • And why you can take charge of your life and improve your situation.
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We were convinced that his affair would result in the end of our 41 year marriage. We have our marriage back.
- P&H, Edmonton
We were almost at the point of separating… We now have a beautiful family.
- K&H, Edmonton
We have learned a tremendous amount from your advice.
- A&A, Edmonton
Words can’t express my gratitude to all the help you provided, you are a difference maker.
- R&B, Edmonton