Meet Dr. Ottawa



With over 24 years experience in counselling Dr Ottawa holds a Masters  Degree, two Doctorate Degree’s, and a PhD in counselling. Celebrating 32 years of marriage this year, Dr Ottawa has raised three adult  children, and looks forward to any grandchildren to come.

Founding New Start Counselling in 1994, helping couples, families, and  individuals has been at the core of Dr Ottawa’s passion for her clients. She  specializes in marriage and couples counselling, relationship therapy,  couples retreats, and family therapy.



Todays Relationships – Dr Ottawa

Relationships are always changing but the principals that build and sustain a strong relationship are not.
Marriage and relationships require a longterm investment of time and commitment. Celebrating the differences and uniqueness of all relationships is so important in that we take to heart the success of each of our clients.

This year my husband and I are celebrating 32 years of marriage. I can say that there have been more good times than bad times however those bad times almost tempted us to quit, to give up. Through much self searching and scrutiny of our personal beliefs and values, we both made the decision to give our relationship another chance. We pushed ahead, took responsibility for our issues and worked through. Today I can see that the value of the work put in those times is unmeasurable.

New Start Counselling

Our Commitment To You:

Emotional Safety and Acceptance
• Each individual has the right to be treated with dignity and respect in a  climate of safety.
• All interviews and sessions are strictly confidential.

Self Determination
• We respect each client’s right to self determination and independence.
• We provide candid, clear, and practical direction. As well as goals,  feedback, and support in each session.

• We’re committed to making every counselling session one that helps each couple or individual to progress.

Stronger Today, Stronger Tomorrow
• As well as working with clients to resolve their specific issues, we support  them to grow, gain insight, develop
skills, and to solve problems. We help  clients find solutions and obtain resources that allow them to feel better,
more hopeful, more confident now, and provide a foundation for greater resilience. Together this helps clients
deepen their ability to experience  more fulfilling relationships.

A New Start is Possible 
• We believe in new starts, and that you can recover, redirect your life and  your marriage, and fall in love again.
• We believe in our clients, even at those times when their own certainty may falter.
We are committed to their well-being and to their success.