Meet Dr. Ottawa



Dr Ottawa holds a Master’s Degree, two Doctorate Degrees, and a PhD in counselling.

Celebrating 34 years of marriage this year, Dr Ottawa has raised three adult children and looks forward to any grandchildren to come.

Founding New Start Counselling in 1994, she specializes in marriage and couples counselling, relationship and family therapy.

“My work with couples is shaped by my personal experience overcoming challenges in my own marriage, some 29 years ago, by my professional training, by my experience in working with over 2,100 couples over 24 years and by my core conviction that new starts are possible.”

“I founded New Start Counselling to provide a safe, confidential environment for couples to do the work they need to do to heal, restore and renew their relationship. A place where they can know that goal is always foremost.”



The NEWSTART Approach

Each couple and each couple’s situation is unique, as is our approach to dealing with it.  But here are some common elements in the NEWSTART approach:

  • We Get Right to Work.
    • We understand that when couples are in conflict, timely intervention can make a big difference. So, we don’t delay getting to work on couples’ issues until a 3rd counselling session – we get down to business in your first session.
  • Full Impact Couples Sessions.
    • Couples Counselling helps you make the changes you need to transform your relationship, not just to have more counselling sessions.
    • For couples in counselling, it takes a while longer to get into depth on the issues than it does for only one person. Once they get there, there is usually more to deal with than a standard session will allow.
    • It has been our experience that couples get about twice the benefit with a session 50% longer than the standard length for individual counselling sessions.
    • For maximum impact, we fit the sessions to the couples, not the couples to the sessions.
  • Caring, Confidential, Effective Counselling
    • is the core of what we do.
  • We’re Serious About New Starts.
    • New Start Counselling isn’t simply a name; it’s why we’re here.
    • The first step in counselling is to help couples shift from being at odds on various issues to working together as a couple to overcome them.
    • The second step, then, is to help them create a solid foundation for a renewed, stronger relationship, a new start, based on what they’ve gone through.